Total Suspense For The Reopening Of The Casino In Grasse

The Grasse casino next to the Palais des Congrès

Poker, Poker Chips, Casino, Card GameThe Grasse casino is in a completely dark area when it comes to its reopening. Despite a potential buyer, who is ready to do everything to make the establishment run, the suspense is still total. It should be remembered that the casino in Grasse was in liquidation in March 2015 and that losses have accumulated. The city is also one of the losers in this affair.

Problems accumulate for the establishment

It must be said that since last year, the problems have been lining up for the casino in Grasse. On March 2, 2015, he had to face compulsory liquidation. In addition, Abel Djebbar who held the largest share of shares in the company also had to cash a significant loss of around 600,000 euros.

It is also a shortfall for the city, which sees less money coming in because of this prolonged closure of the Grasse casino. In fact, it previously generated € 20,000 per month for the city, part of which is the tax levied on gaming products. For the moment, there is nothing yet to materialize even if there is already a potential buyer and no written announcement or poster is yet available on site for a possible takeover.

The file for the public service delegation already in progress

Because of this total silence, rumors are starting to circulate especially with the approach of the beautiful season. It has been a while since the public was informed about the buyer, but the slowness of the process has provoked a controversy that the one who had considered taking over the business withdrew. However, this is not true according to the justifications provided by the company which could be the next buyer who will take care of running the establishment.

This is the SAS Casino Victoria. Gérard Scribans, who is one of the shareholders, made a point of stressing that the file has already been submitted and the procedure is in progress. Even though the procedure is long, he says, it is taking a normal course. Since the beginning of the year, the municipal council of the city of Grasse has already carried out several votes on the deliberations. All these steps aim to obtain the delegation of public service.

Very long procedures

Cards, House Of Cards, GambleAccording to Gérard Scribans, it is not easy to come to the end of the procedures and it is not simple enough. Motivation is not only the deciding factor in this case. A file had to be put in place, which was only put together at the end of May and filed with the prefecture. But you still need a waiting period of 4 months, which it is imperative to respect. This is what the law requires. Then, it will also be necessary that the gaming commission of the Ministry of the Interior also give its opinion on the question and decide on the authorization or not to exploit the games.

These are essential steps that cannot be skipped and the checks take time. We will therefore have to wait until September to know a little more about what will happen to the establishment. For the moment, the projects are already numerous according to Gérard Scribans. He already plans to open a quality restaurant. He is already talking about an opening at 1 p.m. to keep customers who already used to lunch.


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